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The story:
In late May 2016 I went to Bad Aussee in Central Austria to meet, ride, and film together with Cow-Boy Sepp from Southern Germany. We planned to go for 4 days of riding but the exceptionally bad weather turned that into 1 and a half bike days instead. Which wasn’t a big problem because Sepp turned out to be one mega awesome dude. So we definitely still managed to make the most out of our time and I’m fairly sure I have never laughed this much while biking before! I hope you enjoy watching these highlights as much as we could enjoy the whole trip!
I didn’t think of turning this adventure into a video of its own at first. I initially thought I’d just film random stuff as usual to collect footage for a Best-Of video which would show the whole bike season. Until I realized I could never fit this much talking and doing nonsense into such a season highlight reel. So I decided to use the footage in a different way. But as usual I never wanted to take the massive amount of time it takes to create such an episode. All those videos were resting on my hard drives. For more than a year. And then my serious crash happened about two months ago. When I got out of hospital and I was strong enough again to sit at the computer I finally started to work on this thing.

Since I originally didn’t plan to turn the trip into a video of its own there is no real story telling involved. And I’m aware that the non-music parts sometimes are very long. Definitely too long for the average Youtube user’s attention span. Still I used them this way on purpose. I’m more or less testing you, my dear audience. I’m very curious to see how you’ll react to talking Schaaf and friends inside a Best-Of edit. Because should I be able to find a way to still enjoy riding bikes in the future I definitely also would like to stay ‘in the mototainment’ game. And since I’ll have to be very careful with the risks I take from now on I won’t be able to offer much of my riding skill and adrenalinehunt for entertainment purposes any longer. The only remaining skill of mine which also can’t be copied by the average motovlogger is my sense of humour. I therefore hope you guys won’t be turned off too much by this different kind of moto video. But please still be honest with your opinion in the comments!!

♣ Main camera: http://amzn.to/2bGJq6x
♣ Selfie Stick: http://amzn.to/2tajm8b
♣ gimbal: http://amzn.to/2tE6oTG

1) Gramatik – Torture feat. Eric Krasno
(free download here: http://www.gramatik.net/discography/the_age_of_reason)
2) GRiZ – DTW to DIA (the travels of Mr_.B)
(free download here:
3) GRiZ – A Fine Way To Die feat. Orlando Napier
(free download here:
4) Rod Stewart – Young Turks

100% of this video were shot with 2 GoPro Hero3+ and 1 GoPro Hero4 Black camera!
locations: Bad Aussee, Grundlsee, Sölkpass, Nockalmstrasse, Malta Hochalmstrasse

my bike & bike in this video: 1994 Honda CB500 PC26
my tires: http://amzn.to/2mXIBIm

Edited and color corrected with Adobe Premiere CC
Motion-tracking (blurring the plates) with Adobe After Effects

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