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I just competed in the 11th annual SD pro scooter competition. Last year when I started doing daily vlogs, I decided to take my GoPro out on the course with me. A lot of you guys seemed to absolutely love that, so I decided to do it again. It’s funny because this is the exact same GoPro that I used during my runs last year and the exact same clothes that I wore as well. In my run, I did a bunch of scooter tricks including tailwhips, barspins, backflip to fakie, flair turndown, superman, tuck knee, no hander, front scooter flip, inverts, flip double whip and much more. I was pretty happy with my first performance, but during my second run, I ended up falling on my last trick which was a bummer. But, I still had an absolutely AWESOME time hanging out with all of my friends and riding my new custom pro scooter. Now that SD11 is over, I can’t wait for SD 12! Shoutout to Envy Scooters for getting me over to the comp and shoutout to Clairemont San Diego for hosting the event. Can’t wait to get back over to the park and practice on the skatepark racetrack. Thank you guys for watching and enjoy!

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