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My Problem With The GoPro 6

The GoPro 6 is such an awesome little camera BUT it does have some faults… The big one being that it doesn’t really like cold weather too much. By that I mean it if the temp is too low that instead of recording it will just freeze and the only way to fix it is to turn the GoPro off by either taking the battery out or holding the off button for an extended amount of time! The reason I’v made this video to so see if anyone has a fix for this? I am using the recommended SD card that GoPro says will work! Maybe I will have to buy the “Super Suit” for it to make it work? ah well! It was a fun day regardless! Learn’t some Spanish and made some new friends so thats cool! Hope ya enjoyed the video! No video tomorrow sadly BUT will be back with a banger th next day yeeeewww!!

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