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GoPro Hero 7 Review (New GoPro!!)

OMG here’s a spoiler of my GoPro Hero 7 Review… YES 😀 you should upgrade. Have you seen the new GoPro cameras? I’ve been playing with the GoPro Hero 7 for a week now (thanks for sending me one, GoPro!!) and I’ve put together this GoPro Hero 7 Review so the VidProMom family will know what I like so much about the new GoPro.

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This is a GoPro Hero 7 Review of the Black editing… GoPro released three 7 models: Black, Silver, and White. Silver and White don’t have as many of the new features that the GoPro Hero 7 Black does, so this review only reflects my thoughts on the Hero7 Black (since that’s the GoPro I have).

In this GoPro Hero 7 Review, I also compare the Hero7 Black with the Hero5 Black in the Karma Grip gimbal.

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