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GoPro Hero 7 Review and Sample Footage

First Test Shots with the GoPro Hero 7. All Shots are as is right out of the box without ‘protune’ and no color correction.
Link on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2QuNVSh
Link for extra batteries I ordered: https://amzn.to/2DWmNtY

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David Apperley
Chinthaka Gunathilaka
Stefano Mattia Fiorani
Brad White
S J Rogers
Timothy Ruddy
Joseph Isip
Daniel Kinley
Manfred Herzog
Mikhail Zolotukhin
Wojciech Frackowiak
Ben Blake
Michal Pawlowski
Matthew Tyson
David Apperley
Dan James
Timothy Carsberg
David Apperley
Richard Darby
Nicholas Byam
Christopher Matthews
Lee Griffiths
Maurice Bergers
Michael Oiga
Chin Wah Yuen
Daniel Kedney
Craig Gardiner
Matthew Brown
Benedict Rolfe
Vincent Lebeau
Charlie Q
Christophe Rouchy
Jamie Mulford
Iliya Fedorov
Thomas Woud
Alan Ho
Thomas King
Black Belt Snowboarding
David Hutt
James Williams
Ben Alexander Bieker
Ivar Nilsen
Vinh Bui
Chin Wah Yuen
Christopher Kullman
David Knight
Gérard Philipp
Josif Babic
Lee Siteine
Paul Jurczak
Scott Knight
Steven Slater
Timotao Parker
Sky Hu
Ray Chan
Bruce Suggs
Alternate ID
Victor Gusev
Nhan Dang
Frankie Yuen
Trevor Fitzgerald
Ryan Klug
Brad White
Roy Shen
Will Stevens
Jesse Diaz
Alexander Jänisch
Jan Egloff
Josh Manski
Ngai Mun B To
Peter McNair
Ben Tzur
Paul Cheng
James Robinson
Brett Kalamen
David Oliva
Maksymilian Piasecki
David Levy
Johnny Montana
Guy Counahan
Jonas Ruebsam
Nathan Chan
Xiang Gao
Dennis Rynicke
Jøran Igland
Константин Кильянский
Michael Braganza
Hartmut Weniger
Stephen Gau
M C Chivers
Julie Nyland

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