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Is GoPro Hero 7 Stabilization All Marketing Magic? // Gopro Hero 7 Stabilization & Overall Review

First things first…. YES – STABILIZATION WAS ON THE WHOLE TIME! I checked three times during the ride just to be sure because the footage was not great. AND more tests will be coming soon!

Here is my initial review and response to the GoPro Hero 7’s stabilization. Being a mountain bike youtuber, I’m an avid gopro and gimbal user. When I heard gopro made a “gimbal killer” I just had to buy one and try it myself. This video covers typical trail mountain bike riding that I do and uses the following settings:

Aspect: 16:9
Resolution: 4k
Frames Per Second: 24
Field of View: Superview
Video Stabilization: On
Short Clip: Off
Protune: On
Shutter: Auto
Ev Comp: 0.0
ISO Min: 100
ISO Limit: 800
WB: Auto
Sharpness: High
Color: GoPro Color
Raw Audio: Off

I’ll give the GoPro one more fair shot and post a video about it here!

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