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FAILED GoPro 7 Black Test

*BEFORE YOU WATCH/COMMENT* – I know that this is not a perfect time to test the Gopro 7. I had just got the camera and didn’t know if I wanted to film anything for it that day, so I just got the camera and planned on learning about it/charging it before filming with it. But, I was so anxious to use it after purchasing it that I just had to unbox it and test it out somehow.

I took the GoPro 7 Black to my local skatepark and had one of the local scooter kids named Gurt throw it on his helmet to test it out. Upon getting home and reviewing the footage, I realized that the camera had not been updated to the latest firmware so I didn’t even get a full experience of what it could have/should have been. Oh well, we still got a decent low light test at the park! Enjoy and thank you so much for watching!

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