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If you can’t afford a GoPro camera, then you might think that SuperView is out of your reach. GoPro has a patent on SuperView, and only GoPro cameras are allowed to have it.

Here’s a free app to do non-linear widescreen stretch. It’s similar to SuperView, but since SuperView is patented by GoPro, it would be foolish to say this is the same thing. Non-linear aspect ratio stretch is only one component of SuperView, which is a GoPro trademark. True SuperView is only available in GoPro cameras.

Another tool that this is similar to is Elastic Aspect. Elastic Aspect is also free, but it only runs on MacOS. This free app works with Windows too.

The utility is created by Stickman FPV. His YT channel is:

Download Nuke Foundry non-commercial here (registration required):

Download Stickman’s Ultraview Nuke file here:

Windows users must install Quicktime:

If you want to convert the .mov files output by Nuke to something else, WinFF is a great tool:

And of course, if you don’t want to deal with this nonsense and just want the camera to do SuperView for you, only a GoPro can truly do it. Even the Hero Session, available for about $100 can output Superview.


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