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GoPro 7 Review for Kitesurfing

In this video we review the GoPro 7 Black for kiteboarding. We cover hypersmooth stabilization, time warp, cleaning the lens, lock screen functionality, different GoPro mounts, the smart remote, battery life, audio, various settings, and the bugs we’ve run into.

To purchase the GoPro 7 on Amazon, click here: http://geni.us/EM3N

GoPro Line Mount: http://geni.us/44wb2
GoPro Mouth Mount: http://geni.us/9PYA1e
GoPole Floating Selfie Stick: http://geni.us/fBoP5f
GoPro Smart Remote: http://geni.us/Rskowc
Alternative Camera: http://geni.us/y0gg

Camera Gear:

Camera: http://geni.us/LInzHDU
Drone: http://geni.us/eVQA

Laurie: https://www.instagram.com/laurie.kite/
Yuri: https://www.instagram.com/yuri.kite/

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