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GoPro Hero 7 Tips: 7 Cinematic Camera Movements

These GoPro Hero 7 tips are about cinematic GoPro camera movements. With the following cinematic camera movements you can improve your GoPro (travel) videos and make them look much more cinematic:

Tip 1: The classic shot makes objects look bigger and more cinematic. The best thing about the classic shot is, that it is really easy to film.

Tip 2: Close up shots (or B-Roll shots) are used to give your (travel) videos more details, so they look more interesting and more cinematic.

Tip 3: To make your GoPro (Hero 7) videos look more cinematic you should include shots of people. I show you an example.

Tip 4: Dynamic shots look so cinematic, so I show you how you can get dynamic shots really easy.

Tip 5: The spin shot is a very creative shot which adds some spice to your (travel) videos.

Tip 6: The 6th shot is similar to the 5th one, but the rotation happens on an other axis.

Tip 7: What you would never think about, reading “cinematic camera movements”, is a shot without any movement at all. But they are great and look really cinematic. Time lapses are a good example of shots without any camera movement.

By the way, somewhere in the video you will find a bonus shot!

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