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Threadmilling a Macro Filter Adapter for my GoPro – #141

I love my GoPro, but it doesn’t do so well when filming things up close. The Nomad is too small, and so is the PocketNC, so anything I record on those machines with a GoPro tends to be a little blurry. This simple (but annoying to machine) adapter fixes that problem.

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Also, I want to provide a little context for the shirt and design. I am under no illusion that my social clout is anywhere near the level of Diresta or Laura Kampf, so despite the fact that my ‘brand’ is me I really hate the idea of plastering my own name over everything. A creator whose merch aesthetic I really admire is MKBHD, his stuff is simple and understated. Let the design speak for itself. With this shirt (and the ones coming down the road) I wanted to make a way you guys could support me (if you wanted), but also make a shirt that you could wear normally without context. Short of designing humorous maker and cat shirts, this is the only way I know how to express myself. So that’s why the shirt isn’t obnoxiously “Winston-branded”.


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