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GoPro Hero 7 Review after 3 Months: 7 Things to Know

This GoPro Hero 7 review is based on using the GoPro for 3 months. I am going to show you 7 things you should know about the GoPro Hero 7 – 5 good ones and 2 bad ones:

1: Reaction Time
Reaction time is important if you are traveling and also if you want to make spontaneous shots. The faster the camera turns on, the more likely you get the GoPro Hero 7 shot you want.

2: Battery Life
The battery life of the GoPro Hero 7 has not been improved to the GoPro Hero 5 or 6. They are all using the same batteries.

3: Stabilization
The stabilization of the GoPro Hero 7 is insane. I prepared two examples for you in this video to show you how good the stabilization actually is. This feature is my favorite one of the new GoPro Hero 7.

4: Colors
The color grading works as usual for the GoPro Hero 7. You have the possibility to use a flat or a GoPro color image. You can turn on these color profiles in the protune settings and I recommend to shoot with the flat profile if you are advanced in color grading. Otherwise, the GoPro color profile does its job as well.

5: Sound
The sound is in my opinion incredibly good. With a few tricks you can get the best sound ever of your GoPro Hero 7. I also included for this sound review a little sequence where you can hear original GoPro Hero 7 audio, so you can make yourself your own opinion of it.

6: Time Warp
The time warp mode is a pretty cool feature of the GoPro Hero 7. I bet you will see this effect in a lot of travel videos this summer, because it is so easy to make and it looks just too good.

7: The 2 bad things
The GoPro Hero 7 has not only good things to offer. There are 2 little things I dislike and I wish to be improved in the future. They are minor things, but to make a complete review of the GoPro Hero 7 I just had to add those 2 bad things to the 5 good ones I already showed you.

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