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4 Cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) Camera Tricks

The word “Camera Trick” is very broadly used in this video. I show you 4 (or even 5 if you spot the extra one) different cinematic camera tricks, which you can get with your GoPro. No matter if it is the new GoPro Hero 7 or an older GoPro:

Camera Trick 1: Multiple Me’s
This cinematic camera trick is what most of the people understand as a camera trick. The “Multiple Me’s” camera trick only works after editing, you cannot get this effect in real life (in contrast to the inofficial first one during the intro).

Camera Trick 2: Fake 3D
The second cinematic trick is a camera trick, which gives the viewer a 3D feeling when actually there are no 3D scenes. It is done very easily and it is a great effect for all water sports enthusiasts. The only thing you have to do in post is to slow down your video clip. So this camera trick, which I got with my GoPro Hero 7, is very beginner friendly and it makes your videos really cinematic.

Camera Trick 3: Camera through bottom
The 3rd camera trick is a pretty cool transition which you can get with any of your GoPros and also other cameras. You have to do some editing in post, but everything is kept really simple and not time consuming at all. This trick works great in cinematic travel videos or vlogs.

Camera Trick 4: Fake Drone Photos
There are 2 ways how you can get drone photos with your GoPro (Hero 7). The easy one is buying the GoPro AER, but that costs you money. The second way is a garbage bag-parachute-rig which is free. It takes you a lot more time until you get your drone photos with your GoPro, but you will get them. Make sure you try this rig out when you are together with a friend. Throwing your GoPro through the air it is not risk-free (you need somebody to catch your GoPro) and your results will also be much better if you are 2 persons, since you can throw further and higher. This last camera trick is more a camera “trick” than a classical “camera trick”.

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