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HUNDREDS of balloons dropped on tiny 2 lb Yorkie | GoPro on dog! | Ultimate Puppy Birthday Party!

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Pia turns 5 and gets HUNDREDS of balloons dropped on her!


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If you know anything about our little 2 lb Yorkie Pia, you know she is heavily obsessed with balloons. Whenever she see’s a balloon, she almost hyperventilates from excitement and has to go jump on it, and claw it until it’s popped. I would say it’s very rare that a dog actually enjoys the loud pop of a balloon, especially a tiny dog. For her 5th birthday party, we used an awesome balloon machine and were able to blow up over 240 balloons in just about 20 minutes. We surprised her by dropping them all off the balcony and giving her the ultimate Pia birthday present, with an ultimate puppy birthday party.Hundreds of balloons dropped on a tiny 2 lb dog! We even had Pia’s friend Max join us, and strapped a GoPro 7 to Max’s back, and let Max become our videographer. Pia was in doggy heaven! GoPro on dog is probably our new favorite footage.

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