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7 GoPro (Hero 7) Camera Tricks/Effects

In this video I show you 7 GoPro (Hero 7) tricks and effects, including the dolly zoom, which you requested in one of my other videos:

1. Vertical Videos
The screen of the GoPro Hero 7 flips now, once you start recording a vertical video. Like that you see exactly what you are filming and also the settings handling is better.

2. Camera Freeze
GoPros (also the GoPro Hero 7) often freeze. Then you had to pull out the battery, put it in again, turn on your camera again and so on. That’s now history with the GoPro Hero 7, because you can just press the upper and right button at the same time for a few second and the GoPro Hero 7 restarts itself automatically.

3. POV Mount
POV means Point of View and this perspective is great to make some different shots like the ones you see usually. I explain you very detailed how you can get the best POV shots. I will be talking about the settings and your body movements, so you know exactly how to make the best POV shots with your GoPro (Hero 7).

4. Dolly Zoom
That’s the effect you requested in my “4 Cinematic GoPro (Hero 7) Camera Tricks” video. It a very easy effect and I show you step by step how to make it. I show you 2 versions of the dolly zoom, both work the same and are really really easy to make.

5. Google Earth Studio + GoPro
Google Earth Studio is a free program which you can use in your browser to create animated drone footage. It’s a great tool for all travelers (who don’t own a drone), because you can make very cool transitions with Google Earth Studio. I show you my version of it, connected to a GoPro Session shot made in Miami.

6. Flat Tripod
The Flat Tripod (or how ever you want to call this plastic thing) is my most used GoPro accessory (got the first one with my GoPro Hero 2, now still using it with my GoPro Hero 7) over the whole 8 years I am using GoPros. It comes always included with your GoPro. It’s this little platform the GoPro stands on when you buy it. This little plastic thing is worth gold, because there you can mount all GoPros, you can place it everywhere, you can get some great angles with it and a lot of different shots and this little thing always fits into you backpack.

7. Transition
The last point is a bonus point. I show you a self created and unique transition which you probably have never seen before and I would like to know, if you want to see a whole video only about GoPro (Hero 7) transitions. If so, the please let me know in the comment section!

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