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7 Genius GoPro Hacks

These 7 genius GoPro hacks will help you in your daily life with your GoPro. Some of those GoPro hacks work with all different GoPro models, others just with the newer ones like the GoPro Hero 5, 6 or 7.

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Hack 1: Lense Protection
If you want to protect your lense from scratches or other things a great hack is using a weak ND-Filter as a lense protector. If you get a scratch it will be on the ND-Filter and that’s much cheaper to replace than the GoPro lense itself.

Hack 2: SD Cards
On the newer GoPro models like the GoPro Hero 7 it’s a little bit hard to take out the SD-Cards if you leave your battery inside. I show you a simple trick/hack which makes it very easy and fast to take out the SD-Card.

Hack 3: Reflection
If you have an older GoPro with no screen on the backside it’s sometimes hard to tell, if you or your object is in frame. An easy solution/hack for that is checking the reflection on the GoPro lense. Everything which reflects will be in frame, especially if you film with a wide field of view.

Hack 4: Charging
Did you know that you can slide away the little side door of the newer GoPros like the Hero 7? With this GoPro hack it is now possible to charge your camera while it is on a mount.

Hack 5: Case
If you have a little case like the ones you get for ear plugs than you can use it for all your small GoPro stuff like screws, mini SD-Cards and so on. With this GoPro hack you always have the small stuff at one place, you won’t lose it and it is protected.

Hack 6: Tripod
If you use the plastic thing which comes included with your GoPro plus a tripod, then it is not anymore necessary to buy the GoPro to tripod adapter. The plastic thing has a hole on the downside and like that you can place it evenly on your tripod even with a screw sticking out of it.

Hack 7: Protune
This is more a hidden feature than a hack, but still worth it to share. I show you my Protune settings and tell you why you should activate Protune on your GoPro (Hero 7).

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