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10 Creepiest Things Caught On GoPro Camera!

10 Creepiest Things Caught On GoPro Camera!

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They say that the camera never lies, but some things caught on camera are so bizarre and totally unnatural that you have to be there physically to believe they actually happened.
Nevertheless, we keep recording our experiences and adventures to tell our story, whether people will believe it or not. And what adventurer doesn’t carry a GoPro?
In that spirit, the people you are going to see here today took out their GoPro cameras and went out to record their adventures, but what they caught on tape was completely different from what they had planned.
These are the 10 creepiest things caught on GoPro cameras.
Some of them are so creepy that you may want to leave the lights on tonight.

#10. Paranormal Shadow Figure
It’s May 2017, a youtuber going by the name Ben S from Los Angeles was riding on his motorcycle and recording his experience with his new GoPro camera.
He had racked up big odo numbers that day and he needed to refuel at the next gas station. Luckily, the station was just up ahead from where he was.
Before long, he pulls into the gas station, turns his bike off, and gets his card from the wallet. It was then, as he was fumbling with the card, trying to get it into the card reader, that he saw a shadow on the gas pump…but there was nothing moving from behind him that could have left the shadow on the gas pump.
You can see that the shadow was distinctly human-shaped, but when he turned to have a look, there was no one behind him.
That couldn’t have been his mind playing tricks on him, and there can’t possibly be any other explanation for the paranormal encounter other than it being a ghost or some inter-dimensional being.
If that isn’t creepy for you, I don’t know what is.

#9. Ghost girl
On a whisper-still evening in May,2017 the most terrifying thing happened in a rural forest in France, not far from where Youtuber Project Amber had parked his motor home. As the youtuber was shooting a video for his RV-life vlog, he noticed that his dog had been acting weird for a couple of minutes.
The dog was just staring into the woods when nothing visible could be seen besides the surrounding trees and an abandoned well.
So, later that very evening, the Youtuber decided to investigate and that is when he saw this creepy girl – she’s bald and barefoot and all alone in the forest. She responds to the vlogger’s greetings but doesn’t say anything else when asked if she was Okay.
The girl in a white dress goes into the woods and this freaks the vlogger that he had to take out his phone and record an Instagram video, as if to say, “if something happens to me, here’s why!”
Perhaps the most frightening part of this encounter is that the youtuber is out there in the middle of the forest alone with his dog and the girl kept wandering closer and closer to their RV.
He obviously became more jittery and decided to move away from the spot.

#8. Psycho clown
Clowns are leading entertainers at kids’ birthday parties. They do a variety of things –mostly silly stuff – to make the kids, and some adults feel entertained.
But a random clown sighting doesn’t make anyone laugh. In fact, I can bet that even a retired professional clown will be startled by the random guy dressed in clown uniform. Some people have a phobia of clown. There’s a name for it…um… Coulrophobia, that’s the one.
But whether you have Coulrophobia or not, best not entertain the random clown, especially one you encounter in the woods.
YouTube channel Real Bigfoot Films, was sent a rather strange footage of a mountain biker’s random encounter with a man dressed in clown costume.
The rider caught the frightening encounter on his GoPro, giving us a First-Person view of the creepy clown suddenly jumping into the path he was cycling and blocking his path.
Shortly after, the clown grabs something like a baseball bat and chases the biker.
What would you do if you experienced such a creepy encounter?

#7. Devilish footage
This guy from the YouTube channel More Bad Ideas keeps finding cameras with the most horrifying footage in them. Some people feel like it’s all staged. I mean, when was the last time you stumbled upon a toy camera let alone a functional one like he does?
Could be the grownups in his hood are clumsier than the kids in the neighborhood.
All the same, the video he uploaded on July, 2017 freaked his fans out, literally.
Apparently, the youtuber and his friend were riding their bikes through the woods when they spotted a functional GoPro Hero 3, and the footage he saw from its storage was creepy…satanic actually.

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