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The sickest MTB freeride road trip – I use the new GoPro hero 9 for a riding mission around Cornwall, UK! riding dirt jumps, fast flowing MTB trails, downhill tracks, sick urban freeride and bonus fun stuff! Which spot was the best?

For this years GoPro creator summit it was a little bit different, of course we all know that the world is a different place right now. So instead of flying out all the athletes and influencers to one place they decided to give 60 people a wedge of cash to spend on creating a sick trip, I didn’t want to risk leaving the UK again so I decided to head down to Cornwall in the South West of the UK to find some insane riding spots. Once receiving the invite I got straight on the computer and found a new camper van to buy before calling up Tom Cardy and inviting him to join me on this epic van life adventure. Our first stop was in the awesome city of Bristol to meet up with Tom Court, a british champion in kite surfing and also Jordan Booker a fellow ebike rider. The first spot we hit was a cool downhill pump track which was good enough to allow us to skate and ride at the same time! From here we moved onto a set of perfect dirt jumps hidden deep in the woods with jumps weaving in and out of the trees, dreamy! After running our energy levels down on the dirt jump bikes we decided to switch to our Haibike electric bikes and shred a secret MTB trails spot with huge jumps, berms and fun this place was amazing and it was only day 1! The next day we move into Cornwall and stop in Plymouth to check out the cool urban MTB freeride spots that were littered around the town, even though it was raining that didnt stop us and we squeezed in a sick ride before heading to Tom Isted’s house. So day 3 was an absolute banger with fun water park activities and the chance to ride Tom’s private training facility which is hidden in the adrenalin quarry action park!! Of course as we are in England we were rained off so we moved on the session and ended up finding loads more trails and fun stuff that you will see in the video which was all Shot on GoPro HERO 9!

I hope you enjoy the video!



Welcome to my channel, I’m a professional Freeride Mountain biker and former FMB world champion(2013).

This channel is all about Mountain biking, I make a huge variety of videos for everyone who loves dirt: From downhill biking to slower paced trials riding and everything in between like dirt jumping, slopestyle and enduro!

As well as making entertaining videos(I hope) I also like to help YOU out too, with videos such as:
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