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10 Things Caught On GoPro

10 Things Caught On GoPro

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10 Things Caught On GoPro
What would YouTube be like without GoPro? Probably just the same, just without the amazing POV
footage these cameras have given us. There are a lot of amazing gopro footage out there, but were
going to try to give you the absolute best of them. Number one for my money is the best one, so watch
it and see if you agree with me. Here are 10 things caught on gopro.

Number 10. Subway Surfers

If you are of a certain age, then you’d be familiar with what Subway Surfer is. It’s one of those free to
play games that you can casually play on your phone. The game entails people running on train tracks,
collecting power ups and points while avoiding obstacles. Sounds like fun, when kept within the confines
of a game. However, I can’t stress enough that doing this in real life isn’t a good idea, as this first entry
on our list found out the hard way.
Brian Garcia and a bunch of his friends decided to go exploring one day. They brought their go pro along
with them, in the off chance that they come across something strange or exciting. At first, everything
looked normal. The footage only showed the group just walking around, and quite a bit boring if I’m
speaking honestly. That is until they chanced upon a railroad tunnel.
Someone in the group must have had the bright idea to walk through the tunnel. I think it’s pretty
obvious what the dangers are in this kind of undertaking, i.e. trains, but never thinking of the danger,
they went for it anyway. About half way into the tunnel, they heard the exact sound that they didn’t
want to hear; an oncoming train.
Frightened out of their wits, the group ran back where they came from, just barely making it to the exit
before the train came barreling through. They were pretty lucky to have escaped unscathed, but I bet
they wouldn’t be walking through any tunnel anytime soon.

Number 9. Is That A Monkey?

GoPros have a lot of uses. And because of them, we get to see amazing footage that we wouldn’t have
been able to see ever. Check out their official YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean. Anyways, I’m
pretty sure the GoPro designers never once thought that their cameras would be able to capture
footage of what quite possibly is a previously undiscovered species.
This footage was uploaded to the Beqson Production YouTube channel. It shows a guy strapping on his
GoPro to his bike, obviously wanting to capture footage of him riding his bike. As he pedals his way
along a narrow, concrete bike path, you see nothing but the path itself and the scenery around him,
then he came upon a narrow alleyway.

It was here when something truly shocking happened. While riding through the alleyway, a strange
animal jumped from the left side wall right onto the biker’s path. The rider was clearly startled but still
managed to avoid running over the strange creature.
The biker stopped to look back at the creature to find out what it was but when he did, the creature was
gone. Some people have analyzed the footage and have come to the conclusion that the unknown
creature was a monkey. I must admit, the creature does resemble a monkey, but what’s with the
extremely tiny waist? And why is it completely hairless? What do you think it is? Tell us in the

Number 8. Mid Air Collision

The next footage you are about to see looks like it should belong to an action movie, but this is a 100
percent real and actually happened in real life.
12,000 feet above Superior, Wisconsin 2 small aircraft were flying carrying a total of 11 people; 9
skydivers and the two pilots. All they were expecting was a fairly routine skydive when disaster struck,
and every terrifying minute was caught in their helmet mounted gopro cameras.
The two planes inexplicably flew too close to each other, collided in midair, causing one of the planes to
lose one of its wings and crash to the ground. The other, although damaged, managed to make a safe
landing, despite the pilot being scared out of his wits.
Fortunately, there were no casualties that resulted from the accident, and everyone involved only
needed treatment for minor injuries.

Number 7. An Insane Backflip

Now this is what GoPros were actually made for. Since its release, adrenaline junkies have found ways to
strap these tiny cameras onto themselves in order to give us experiences normally only they could have.

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